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Slab Heating Furnaces

Slab Heating Furnaces

Mechatherm can offer a highly diverse range of Slab/Plate Heating Furnaces some of which have combined abilities to perform Age Hardening (Precipitation hardening) Annealing, Homogenising, and cooling all within one furnace.

The furnaces can be designed in varying configurations, custom built to suit required production rates, the shop space available and types of alloy being processed. Our designs incorporate high efficiency, powerful air re-circulation and heated systems either using gas, oil or electrical elements.

Mechatherm have considerable experience with rapid heating of all types of plate and slabs. Current features of the latest generation of furnaces include:

  • Multiple control zones.
  • High powered re-circulation fans for rapid heating.
  • Invertor control of fans to enable reversing air flow and uniform heating.
  • Automated load mechanical handling gear.
  • Integrated forced air cooling.
  • Specialised PC/PLC based control systems with human/machine interface giving 'Set point' control.
  • SCADA control systems.

With regards to operating temperatures for the different heat treatment cycles we typically design on the following:


  • 74 - 210°C Operating temperatures.
  • ±2°C temperature tolerances on soak.


  • 315 - 425°C Operating temperatures.
  • ±4°C temperature tolerances on soak.


  • 460 - 500°C Operating temperatures.
  • ±3°C temperature tolerances on soak.