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Coil & Foil Annealing

Coil & Foil Annealing

Mechatherm can offer a highly diverse range of Coil & Foil Annealing Furnaces. The furnaces can be designed in varying configurations, custom built to suit required production rates, the shop space available and types of alloys being processed.

Our designs incorporate high efficiency, powerful air re-circulation fans and heated systems either using gas fired, oil fired or electrical element heated radiant tubes.

Mechatherm have considerable experience with annealing processes. Current features of the latest generation of Mechatherm furnaces include:

  • Gas tight construction.
  • Uniform heating and cooling.
  • Inert gas Atmospheres.
  • High velocity ‘Jet flow’ nozzles for concentrated air impingements directly on to the coils.
  • Double seal clamped door system.
  • Electric or radiant tube gas fired.
  • 125 - 500°C Operating temperatures.
  • ±27°C temperature tolerances on soak.
  • Specialised PC/PLC based control systems with human/machine interface giving ‘Set point’ control.
  • SCADA control systems.