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Tailored Industrial Solutions

Mechatherm International Limited is a leading provider of equipment for the Aluminium and other non-ferrous industrial sectors. We specialise in solutions tailored to each client's specific requirements on various size projects ranging from small existing equipment re-builds right through to multi million pound turnkey projects.

The projects we process can either be of 'part supply' philosophy where by we only supply detailed design, critical items and assistance for installation and commissioning. The client would then typically supply all steelwork, refractories, pipework etc to our design drawings and specifications. The majority of projects Mechatherm undertake are for 'turnkey' supply, where by the client awards a single source contract for the supply of our equipment plus the ancillary equipment required for the overall process. Mechatherm would then complete all the project management and co-ordination between client and subcontractors.

Mechatherm have completed worldwide projects in all continents and we have much experience in customising our furnace designs to suit specific locations, local standards, regulations and client's internal standards. We utilise many different local contractors for the fabrication, component supply and labour usually locally to where the equipment will be installed. We have a wide network and good relationship with many local fabrication and construction companies.

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