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Phase two kicks off at Kitts Green

Phase two kicks off at Kitts Green

Published — 29/05/2016

Phase two kicks off at Kitts Green

Mechatherm were contracted to restore, upgrade and complete the installation of a plate cutting saw for Alcoa Inc. at their Kitts Green plant in Birmingham.

Alcoa Kitts Green is the UK’s largest Aluminium rolling mill. The facility is part of Alcoa’s Global Rolled Products business and predominately serves the Aerospace, Defence and General Engineering Markets with Rolled Plate, Cast Slab, and Aluminium Lithium Plate & Billet.

Built over two phases the first phase commenced in December 2015, where Mechatherm carried out a survey of the existing equipment and produced an inventory of parts required to complete the build. 

Phase two has now commenced and the final stages of construction are under way. The 20 metre automated plate saw will form the final part in the foundries process line where the aluminium alloy plate is cut to size. The main source of this product is for the manufacture of aircraft wings, most notably for Airbus Industries.

In addition to delivering the core requirements of the contract, Mechatherm have brought new design features to the saw which have offered added value to the client.

The rolling mill is situated in very close proximity to a residential area and noise restrictions are enforced on site. To ensure the new equipment would comply with these standards Mechatherm made modifications to the design to incorporate an acoustic enclosure which will reduce noise pollution created by the saw throughout the cutting process.

Another new design feature includes an out-feed conveyor. Once the aluminium plates/slabs have been cut to size the conveyor will transport the goods out of the acoustic enclosure to a collection point where they will be off-loaded and packed for shipping, improving the overall efficiency of the finishing process.

Mechatherm have been recording time-lapse footage during the build which will be featured on the new website upon completion of the project.

The 'first cut' is scheduled for September 2016.

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