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Mechatherm looking forward

Mechatherm looking forward

Published — 14/04/2017

Mechatherm have been fighting our way through a very tough period within our sectors of the Aluminium industry.  This has been due to many economic and political factors that are well known to everyone. During this period we have restructured our company model to allow us to ride out this period and still be able to operate with a retained profit from a lower financial turnover. This reflects in our Dun and Bradstreet rating of 2A1 which is the highest score for our sector proving we are very much a financially stable company.

We have also overcome the retirement of our Managing Director Chris Emes who was an instrumental figure not only at Mechatherm but within the Aluminium Industry.  Andrew Riley, Mechatherm's long standing Chairman still manages the day to day operations of the company working alongside Nigel Walker, Engineering Director and Alan Burrows, Financial Director.

I have taken over the role of Director of Sales since the retirement of Chris, this is a very demanding but rewarding role and I am very pleased to continue the progress and development of Mechatherm into the future.

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