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Largest US project proceeding to schedule

Largest US project proceeding to schedule

Published — 07/03/2017

Mechatherm are currently installing our largest ever aluminium holding tilting furnace at Logan Aluminium Inc. and at 340,000 lbs or 154 tonne, the furnace is probably the largest tilting furnace in the world for processing aluminium.

Largest US project proceeding to schedule

The two Bloom low NOx burners allow the furnace to have holding & melting capacity. Furnace features include a large 33 ft or 10m wide door, molten metal roof mounted radar sensor and integration for an under hearth EMS stirrer.

Mechatherm's user-friendly control software will optimize energy consumption, determine the furnace liquid metal weight, enable accurate metal temperature control and ensure safe & efficient operation.

Installation at Logan’s new production facility is proceeding to schedule so it will be ready for hot metal in the 4th quarter of 2017.

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